Frequently Asked Questions about YSFlight:

Q: How do I get on a server?
A: Use the server list in conjunction with this guide and everything should be fine!

Q: How do I install addons?
A: Like this!

Q: I can’t fly the aircraft I want on a server, why is this?
A: The aircraft available for use on a server are serverside

Q: When I start up the game or go on a server, I sometimes have popups with errors that come up. This is annoying, how do I fix it?
A: This is most likely a .LST file error or an addon you installed wrong.

Q: When I fly on servers there are these big grey blocky looking planes. What the heck?
A: These are aircraft from addon packs that you don’t have. The game generates those models so that you can see something there without crashing the game.

Q: I’m trying to start a server, but can’t figure out how!
A: This should help.

Q: Everyone on a server is killing me for “breaking the rules.” What rules?
A: These rules.

Q: I want to take a screenshot or video of YSFlight. What should I do?
A: For screenshots, go here. For videos, you can try this out.

Q: What’s the difference between fsmaino (openGL) and fsmainx (direct3d)?
A: Have a look at this article about the rendering engine.

Q: How do I start a server?
A: Read this to make it, and then use this page and click “Add” in the top left.

Q: I found a bug in YSFlight! What do I do?
A: Report it in this forum.

Q: My question isn’t on here. Help!
A: Ask your question on this forum.