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Addon Packs & Patches

  • Addons
    • GAC:Main aircraft pack used in WW3 server
    • GACRp:For tankers(KC-135E,KC-130J,KC-767,Il-78)
    • GSC:For ships
  • Patches
    • Modified GAC:Correct payload of some planes (mainly heavy bombers)
    • For GSC:To take GSC ships and to land onto US_NIMIZ

Download Addon Pack Here - Aircraft, Maps, etc.

All credit goes to respective authors.


  • Rules of engagement
    • Don't attack players or objects on your side.
    • Don't attack airplanes on runway.
    • Don't use flap or trim in a dogfight.
      • GAC planes are designed as they have "Automatic combat flap."
    • Don't use cheat tools.
    • This server is for fighting. All users log onto this server are regarded as who agreed to be attacked by other players. Even if you are using civils.
  • Ground objects are reset every 2 hours. Server is rebooted at 19:00 UTC.
  • IFF selection rules
    when you use...
    • [AT][AU][CZ][DE][ES][FI][FR][GR][HU][IL][IT][JP][KR][PK][PL][RO][SE][SK][TR][TW][UK][US] vehicles, you must use [IFF1].
    • [BY],[CN],[ID],[IN],[IR],[KP],[RU],[UA] vehicles, use [IFF4].
    • [OP4],[CH] vehicles, You can choose either IFF. But if someone joins to one union, you must use the same IFF with him.
    • [CIV] You can use either IFF.
  • Starting point rules
    • [IFF1] aircraft must use starting point named [[IFF1]~].
    • [IFF4] aircraft must use starting point named [[IFF4]~].
    • [KAMIJION_ARMY] is only for military force.
    • [~_HELIPORT] is used for only helicopters.
    • An aircraft carrier is used for only carrier-based aircrafts or helicopters.
    • An landing ship is used for only helicopters and VTOLs.
  • Limits of joining number
    • Some kinds of airplane have a limit of joining number.
  • G load function
    • Each airplane has a G load limit. If the G load exceeds the limit, the airplane is damaged and finally destroyed.
  • Landing gear limit
    • When you extend landing gear over 300kt, the gear brake is disabled.
  • Enable collisions

Special Function

  • Radar function
    • Enemy airplanes outside radar range are not displayed on your radar.
      By utilizing this system,
      ・Stealth planes are hardly detected by enemy radar
      ・Fighters have a datalink with the same kinds of airplane
      ・Observation helicopters send information to attack helicopters
      ・AEWs/AWACSs have powerful radar and send its data to friendly planes
      ・EW airplanes that jam enemy radar by their ECM
      are reproduced.
  • Kill score
    • When a player cannot "return safely," (shot down, crash or abort flight) some points are added to enemy.
      "return safely" means:
      ・Airplanes at 0~30kt on ground
      ・Others at 0kt on ground
    • The score is reset every hour.
  • Engine damage
    • When you are hit, your engine is broken occasionally. A/B disabled and maximum military power reduced to 50%.
    • To repair broken engine, you must re-join or repair it at supply points.
  • Aerial refueling
    • Some aircraft are capable of aerial refueling from tankers.
  • Tank and Naval guns
    • Big guns equipped with tanks, warships, or AC-130 are defined as machinegun turret in dat files. But they don't fire gun's bullet but rocket.
    • They can't fire rapidly. Number of ammo showed on your display will be decremented but bullet not be fired if you fire it much fast. Once guns fire actually, number of ammo is set to correct value.
    • Because of conventional gun's bullets are dropped by gravitation, their range is not so long and they don't have capability as mainguns. This problem is solved by usage of rockets.
    • Gunsight of vessel's maingun is reviced by Fire Control System when you shoot aerial target.

Chat Command

  • [ /flying ] The Number of Flying Players
  • [ /list ] List Flying players
  • [ /score ] Team Score
  • [ /dat ] Properties of the Plane
    Your plane's parameter in ww3 server is displayed.
  • [ /link ] List Available Direct Datalink
  • [ /help ] Display Command List
  • [ /refuel **% or /r **%] Request Aerial Refueling to the Tanker
    Refuel up to specified amount.
    This command needs the same aerial refueling system with the tanker.
    REFUELED plane uses this command. Tanker does not have to do anything.
  • [ >fr ] If You Add ">fr" to End of Chat Message, Message is Sent to Only Friendly Player
  • [/lock ***] Lock on target (***=Username, ID or auto)
    This command is only for ships.
    Lock on particular enemy user and launch SAM automatically.
    When you type "/lock auto", the nearest enemy plane is locked.
 -> Displays current vote status.
/v(ote) l(ist)
 -> Displays the user ID and a part of the IP address.
/v(ote) k(ick) [ID]
/v(ote) b(an) [ID]
 -> Starts a vote to kick or ban the user specified by the ID showed by 'list' command.
/v(ote) e(ndurance)
/v(ote) i(ntercept)
 -> Starts a vote to start Endurance or Intercept mode.
/v(ote) s(top)
 -> Starts a vote to stop the current Endurance or Intercept mode.
/v(ote) r(espawn)
 -> Starts a vote to respawn ground objects.
/v(ote) m(ap) l(ist) [keyword]
/v(ote) l(ist) m(ap) [keyword]
 -> Displays map IDs filtered by the keyword.
/v(ote) m(ap) c(hange) [ID] [d(ay) or n(ight)]
/v(ote) c(hange) m(ap) [ID] [d(ay) or n(ight)]
 -> Starts a vote to change the map to the specified one by the ID showed by 'map list' command.
/v(ote) a(llow) w(eapon) [t(rue) or f(alse)]
/v(ote) w(eapon) a(llow) [t(rue) or f(alse)]
 -> Starts a vote to change the permission to use weapons.
    And, while weapons is not allowed, ground fire will be disabled.
/v(ote) y(es)
 -> vote y to the current vote.
/v(ote) n(o)
 -> vote n to the current vote.

Server Message

Client Mode

[ You need to select IFF *** to start from *** ]
You are launching from enemy base. Select a base of your side.

[ You need to select IFF *** to use *** airplanes ]

[ Cannot determine IFF ]
You can use some commands only when you join to combat and your IFF is defined.

Join Flight

[ G-limit : +**,-** ]
G load limit of your aircraft.


Web page for server alive check

If a F-4EJK and a Tu-95 is shown, ww3 server is working correctly.
When you see a Mi-28N, the server is temporary not available.

WW3 SERVER replay depository



  • I can't choose a ship!
    Install GSC.
  • I can't choose a tanker!
    Install GACRp.
  • I was suddenly shot down when I pulled up!
    G-load function is working properly today, too.
  • I was bombed when I took my ship!
    Install a patch.
  • Why cannot heavybombers load such a few bombs?
    Install a patch.
  • A player was killing civilians!
    This server does not ban civil kill.
  • I can't refuel from a tanker!
    You must have the same refueling system with the tanker.
    Here are 2 kinds of refueling system(RECEPTACLE and DROGUE)
    You can check which is equipped with "/dat" command.
  • A plane on the server teleported!
  • I shot my target, but I couldn't damage him!
  • I was gunned before my enemy shot me!