Hello, and welcome to the YSFlight community! We know you don't want to read a ton of stuff to get started, so we made this step by step guide for you.

Step 1: Simple rules of YSFlight and its community:

  • Please speak the best English you can
  • Don't be a jerk, and don't take things too seriously
  • Don't do or post mean or offensive stuff
  • Most importantly, have a lot of fun!

If you intend to start posting in our forum, you can see a more complete list of rules here.


Step 2: Download and install the program.

  • After this, set up your key assignments.
  • If you have some problems or questions with the game in general, have a look here.


Step 3: Download and install the addons

YSFlight is a really old school program, but you can make it look, sound and feel much better with addons! In fact, without them, YS is much less fun. If you want a specific aircraft, try looking in yuichi's search engine. If you still can't find what you want, try Searching our forums.


Step 4: Start flying!

  • Offline: Offline you can fly ground attack missions, simulate landings in varying difficulties, create your own missions, fly missions made by others or do formation with simulated wingmen,
  • Online: This is where YS really shines. You can crossover all the stuff from offline as missions, and on top of that you can do it with other people. The result: EVERYTHING is possible. You can simulate any combat, civilian flight, or air show you can think of.
  • For combat, go have a look at the Combat information centre.
  • For civilian flight, you'll want to drop by the YSFHQ terminal.
  • For airshows and aerobatics, the Display Line is for you.


Step 5: Modding

You want something in the game that isn't there yet? Sure, you could request it, but that's no fun! YS is ten times as awesome when you realize you can make anything happen in it, and we've gone ahead and made it really easy for you to learn how. For aircraft modding, we have so many tutorials it's mind boggling, but you should start here. For maps, you'll need the Scenery Editor and if you can't figure that one out with the included help file, we have tutorials just for you too.

You might also be interested in making third party software, which is fine however you must know that the main ysflight application is CLOSED SOURCE and must not be edited, as per Dr. Yamakawa's wishes. (The creator of YSFlight)


Step 6: Get involved in the community

The forum is mostly here is for all things YSFlight, aviation and just about anything else really. We're here because the people here have common interests, and we are the number one source for help, events, and discussion on every aspect of YSFlight. You want to start something or work on one of our many, many projects, this is the place to be.


Step 7: Still have questions?

Of course you do. We can't cover every topic ever, but we can damn well try. And odds are that someone here knows the answer, because we have people who've been in the ys community for up to twelve years. That right there is experience.