YSFlight allows you to install new aircraft, maps, and scenery, opening up an infinite number of possibilities. You can download addons from a variety of sources. Here are a few of our favorites:


YSUpload.com is the official addon host of YSFHQ.

With over 300 addons and total downloads of over 50,000, YSU is the premier online source for YSFlight Addons.



YSFinder is the best search engine for YSFlight Addons from around the world.

YSFinder.net is a great place to find addons and screenshots, and is also an official partner of YSUpload.com.



A large collection of aircrafts (mostly military) and some maps. Also contains a nice database of military aircrafts that are available as YSflight addons.


The GAC (General Air Combat) pack, comprehensive pack of aircrafts with accurate looking body but minimal moving parts, designed to minimize CPU load (and hence server lag) for mass online play. Also good as a base for your repaints. On that site look for the “Add-on Made in 2ch” section on the menu to the left.

StarGear – Takaty’s YSflight page

Includes various airport ground service vehicles, the 737 and 7E7, and a large map of western Japan.

C.K. Packs

Contains CEP 1 & 2 – Kzs A, S, D, & M – a MAP pack – a Missile Pack- Buta’s packs – All with some previews.

ES’s Aircraft Pack (ESAP)

A compilation of medium-to-high detail and quality aircraft from the Cold War, such as the F-4D Skyray, B-47, Jaguar and A-3 Sky Warrior

Taskforce58’s YSFlight Hangar

Site by YSP admin Taskforce58, contains aircrafts, some ground vehicles, replacement weapons pack, and some maps.

YSMajor’s site

Collection of aircrafts, high and low detail, repaints and original work, sceneries, and miscellaeneous addons.

Lord Flasheart’s Site

British pride to the extreme. Home of the V-Bombers.

The Edge Of The Apron

Some very detailed ADFX-01s from Ace Combat Zero produced by Kisuke. Possibly the most detailed ADFX-02 Morgan ever produced in varied paintschemes. More YS addons to come.

X.L.P Aviation Arsenalo

Multiple variants of the F-22, F-15 and F-5, all high-quality aircraft.

SilverSpirit (TMP)

Contains one pack called TMP. Tanks adds 90+ vehicles mostly experimental and WWII.

Entrance of El Dorado

Has an a few aircraft(experimental and odd) an a plane pack for ys as well as some FMS add-ons. Aircraft and Map Preview

Jin’s YSF Page

Jin has made a collection of helicopters for YS. Not updated anymore, the page is more of a backup of his now defunct YS page.

Sato’s Aircraft

Contains contains a few nice planes and helos in two packs.

VFX Project

Contains a large selection of Tomcats (including those from the Ace Combat series), as well as other fictional planes.

Electric World

A great database for finding aircraft. A section holds a few downloads including the F-14 “Black Knights”, JASDF F-2, VFA-27 F/A-18’s and Blue Impulse T-4s 1-8.

Interface Top Secret Animation Programmers


Home to the Macross Zero VF-0 Veritech Fighter. Includes A, O, and S models.

Technote Control

Some of Technote’s older models can be found on his page. Some of them eventually were added and updated for the TMP pack.

Ki98 pack

WW2 aircraft, mostly moderate quality, although a few of the models (e.g. a TBD Devastator) are quite nice.


Home of the Real Pack Yuichi’s Map Pack.

Active Armaments Industry (AAI)

This page has great models of the MH-60, Tu-22M, BMP-1 Tank and and several other models.

Subarus YS Flight

Adds one Military Aircraft namely a Umidori.

Zuiun Pack

Some interesting planes, plus different repaints of the default hawk.

Lunar Module

A couple of very nice sci-fi aircraft. Home of Steady-Cat Laboratories.

Gottyannosa2002’s YS Page

An older YSFlight dedicated page, has some simplistic airliner and charter aircraft up for download like the Dash8 Oriental Air Bridge aircraft.

Lio’s Homepage

Another page dedicated to some older models. Early models of the Su-47 and Harrier can be found under the YSFS page and also a map named ARKLANT Mod.


Several versions of the future Mitsubishi Regional Jet.