Welcome to the YSFHQ combat hub. This is the index of all the knowledge you need to really make it as a combat pilot in YSFlight.

There are many trials, many milestones on the road to becoming one of the best. Know that the information you're reading comes straight from the best.

Proper weapon use and strike

Others still painstakingly mastered every use for every weapon, every last hard point being as deadly to those on the ground as those in the air. Sometimes in rather creative (though impractical) ways. Ever seen an enemy fighter bombed in midair? Have you felt the fury of a double gun kill? Have you seen your base die to... air to air missiles? Weapon use and ground attack are the second core component of YS combat.

Air to air combat

The names of Talon, Bombcat, Raven, Deathstrike, Maverick still remind many today of the glorious victories and crushing defeats in the virtual skies. But what truly made these legends great is in what they excelled: all were champions of the art of the dogfight, masters of every aircraft type and every physics quirk. Whether you hunt alone or in a pack, here's how to get your air to air game on.

Squadron warfare

But no one ever made it to those prodigious skills alone. Many were part of warring squadrons. The old YS battles raged with a passion and fury that are scarcely seen today. The infamous pilots of the RPFW, the CVW-171, the 241st squadron, the 49th squadron have had many clashes over the years, ranging from massive and epic hate-driven air wars to skirmish-scale attrition and harassment. The obvious side effect, of course, were long standing divisions in the community which contributed to the spoiling of the previous community. Thankfully, our newest system allows for all the adversity without the bullshit.