TeamSpeak Usage

Here at YSFHQ, our mission is to enhance the experience of those playing YSFlight by creating a fun, inviting atmosphere. One of the ways we create such an atmosphere is by offering ways for YSFlight players to interact online – the discussion forums is our primary way of doing this, but we also offer a TeamSpeak server and [most recently] the YSFHQ WW3 server. These such services give community members new ways to interact with each other and the game itself. TeamSpeak has always been a key component of the YSFlight experience, and any online gaming experience, for it allows users to communicate easily over voice, leaving hands free for holding a joystick and shooting at opponents. The staff take great pride in being able … Read More

YSFHQ is hiring!

What a roller coaster ride these last few months have been. We’ve built a great product, and it’s still in the process of improving. To help us continue our mission and to keep the site up, we’re looking for some more developers and designers to volunteer (this is an unpaid position). It’s a great way to gain real-world experience and work on interesting problems. Student developers & designers are quite welcome. Our job offerings (volunteer): Junior Web Developer – You’ll be helping Eric and the other YSFHQ engineers maintain the various platforms YSFHQ currently uses. You’ll also get the chance to help build a new leaderboard, serverlist, and more. Interested candidates should have experience with PHP, HTML/CSS, and preferably Linux experience. Time commitment should be … Read More

Declaring War on Boredom

Hey YSFlight players, Are you bored in YSFlight? Do you avoid launching the game because you know there’s nothing new to do? Getting tired of “the grind” for meaningless flight hours? Disappointed in the current online experience? Time for that to change. Today the World War 3 server is reborn, now hosted by YSFHQ. The old one, which had been frequented by Japanese and English players alike back when it was at 2ch, fell inactive last summer. We’re proud to bring it back, giving players another chance to show their combat skill online. This is hosted on the same dedicated connection as and Teamspeak, ensuring everyone gets a low-lag and very fun experience. The server IP is and it comes with YSVote and … Read More

YSFHQ’s 2013 – The Year in Review

From all of us at YSFlight Headquarters, thanks for another great year! Our 2013: A Year in Review sums it up. Going into 2014, my top priorities are: Increasing in-game activity levels Growing our membership Promoting inclusion Optimizing leadership strategies Advancing YSFHQ’s new mission I ask you to look back on all the success we’ve had among the YSFlight community in 2013. Let’s make 2014 even better. Warm regards, Eric Tendian Chief Technology Officer & Head Admin YSFlight Headquarters –

A Christmas Miracle at YSFHQ

Merry Christmas, YSFlight Headquarters! I hope you are enjoying the virtual snow, as well as the Santa hat on the YSFHQ logo on the homepage. We wish you all the best. Now, Christmas would not be complete without gift-giving, and as we are continuously giving gifts – addons, feedback, each other’s company on the forums – I thought it would be fitting for YSFHQ itself to give a gift to the YSFlight community. Today, I am proud to officially launch YSFlight Headquarters 4.0. This project has been in development for quite some time, and is long overdue for a proper release to the community. Today is the day all the hard work from Project Kaizen pays off. Here are some of the features in the … Read More

Announcing YSFHQ First Class

I’ve been feeling a little burned out over here the last few days. As much as I love YSFHQ, it seems there is still so much more that needs to be built, fixed, and enjoyed. Among the slowly-dwindling veteran and staff list, the sacrifices each one are making to the community continue to grow. Yet, successful websites are not run for free, and as my subscription to the “Free Tier” hosting plan (it’s not actually free, by the way) runs out half a year from now, I am looking for ways to allow YSFHQ and the YSFlight community to continue to grow. The bottom line is, we need more resources to sustain our mission. Last week, we launched advertisements on the forum and homepage ( … Read More

YSFlight Headquarters enters final stages of Project Kaizen

CHICAGO, Illinois, U.S.A. (September 23, 2013) — Recently concluding summer in the Northern hemisphere, YSFlight Headquarters is getting ready for the official launch of the redesigned website, in addition to announcing progress on their summer revitalization project. Project Kaizen, whose namesake “Kaizen” comes from the Japanese word for improvement, was proposed back in late June by Chief Technology Officer Eric Tendian. Throughout the last few months, YSFHQ staff have been hard at work bringing the community back to its former glory as well as introducing some new initiatives to renew interest.

Project Kaizen Update

To my fellow users, It’s been a busy two months at YSFlight Headquarters, having implemented many changes as part of Project Kaizen, YSFHQ’s summer project to improve the YSFlight community. We’ve accomplished many objectives, and I am already seeing many new players online. I am excited to implement our brand-new leaderboard in the next month or two, providing a new form of competition and fun to YSFlight. More on that later. If you are a new player, welcome! We always love to have some new users flying with us. There are many different groups to join and activities to do, so we highly encourage you check them out. Visit the forums to check out the heart of the YSFlight community. Some of the changes we … Read More

A new YSFlight Headquarters is coming!

Last Friday, YSFlight Headquarters’ (YSFHQ) Chief Technology Officer Eric Tendian launched Project Kaizen. “Kaizen” is Japanese for improvement, and refers to the practice of continuous improvement in many industries. Project Kaizen aims to improve the YSFlight (YS) community through the following: A revamped website powered by Wordpress, which will include much more information about YSFlight, as well as a space for members-only content, a “flight school” tutorial page, links to the latest YS events, multimedia showcasing YS, and much more.

Welcome to the brand new YSFlight Headquarters!

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone for their collective efforts. I might have organized the team, but the team makes the website. So to everyone who jumped on the bandwagon for the formation of this website, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Now that that’s out of the way.. Welcome, one and all, to the brand spanking new YSFHQ! This forum aims to be a forum dedicated to the English speaking community for YSFlight. I know that many people from other YSFlight communities (KZS, Oranleed’s board, 2CH) have grown to dislike the English YSFlight community. I aim to change all that. What I want this forum to be will be what YSFlight has potential to be. We have plans for leagues, … Read More