Declaring War on Boredom

Hey YSFlight players,

Are you bored in YSFlight? Do you avoid launching the game because you know there’s nothing new to do? Getting tired of “the grind” for meaningless flight hours? Disappointed in the current online experience?

Time for that to change. Today the World War 3 server is reborn, now hosted by YSFHQ. The old one, which had been frequented by Japanese and English players alike back when it was at 2ch, fell inactive last summer. We’re proud to bring it back, giving players another chance to show their combat skill online. This is hosted on the same dedicated connection as and Teamspeak, ensuring everyone gets a low-lag and very fun experience.

The server IP is and it comes with YSVote and YSChat already installed, as well as a G-limit of -10/+15. More features including leaderboard integration are coming soon, and we are already logging kills on the server. Take some time to brush up your dogfighting and ground attack skills, then head online to prove your worth.

Read more about the server and all its features here:

Big thanks to Vincent[web] and ClubRaptor for their server programs that made this possible. The server is funded by your donation money, the same money that keeps YSUpload and running, so thank you to everyone which has donated.

YSFHQ officially declares war on boredom today. World War 3 is among us. I’ll see you in the skies.
– Eric, Head Admin


  1. flyingfisch /

    Do you have the 2ch scripts yet?

  2. iqmal_97 /

    As of the current time of this comment I’m making here, the WW3 server is down for the time being, due to technical and hardware problems. So, you cannot fly on this server atm.

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